Snowy Bridge

This photo, taken last Friday, is so drab and dreary.  A bit how I'm starting to feel walking to work this week.  Just last month I had taken the same shot posted as the willowy bridge. What a difference a month can make! It's getting hard to remember back to when the trees still had color (and leaves) and everything looked warm and inviting. 

I actually like when it snows.  I think it looks so pretty when there's new fallen snow and not a single footprint can be seen.  It's just that after it's been plowed and stomped through, it doesn't have that feeling of purity anymore.  Plus, when you're walking in the city it's a bit treacherous.  I'm also finding it hard to motivate myself to get out there and take photos.  But then that's part of the challenge and will hopefully make me think more creatively…or I just start dragging out some old photos from the summer!

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  1. I’d call this Willow Brrridge!

  2. I love this. I like the contrast due to the seasonal changes. I like the light and color palette.
    It’s interesting to note that many of your pictures are taken from a distance. I tend to take close-ups whether I’m shooting a person or object.

  3. I think I’m use to standing back and observing things and that might be why I take so many shots from a distance. I realy should try to become more involved with the subject and get in there for a close-up.

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