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Bark in the Park

The one bike ride I decided to leave my “good” camera at home and I arrive at Nelson Park to discover that Bark in the Park Festival is…

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Spider

I think this spider also enjoyed the botanical gardens.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Zen

In the Dessert area some peacefulness could be found.

Osprey and Nest

I’m assuming there are some babies in that nest as this Osprey was being very protective of it.

Pelican Fishing

While at the Marie Selby Botanical Garden you have a perfect view to watch the Pelicans fish. 

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Dessert

We started off in the Rainforest (Tropical Conservatory) and made our way to the Dessert (Succulent Garden).

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Flowers

Just a few of the pretty flowers at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Bees and Butterflies

The bees are a little easier to get a closer shot as they tend to hang out in one spot longer. Although, harder to get a good picture…

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Lavender Field

We just happened to be visiting the botanical gardens during the time they were having an exhibition of Marc Chagall’s nature-inspired artwork. I had never heard of this…

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Koi Pond

I would love a little water fall/garden in my yard with fish. Very zen.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Sleeping Buddha

A little zen to start your Monday morning. Take a few deep breaths…may your day be free of stress and full of peace.

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens: Tropical Conservatory

The Tropical Conservatory was very interesting. When you first entered it was humid and felt tropical but as you made your way through to the back it became…

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

On my third day we visited the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. My cousins hadn’t been there so it was also a new experience for them. 

Birds of Florida

Lots of birds in Florida. I always enjoy seeing the Pelicans and Blue Herons.

Ponce de Leon Park

On my second day in Florda, we visited Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda. I’m always impressed at how well Florida does its parks. Free parking, typically…

Punta Gorda Sunset

Let’s take a little break from Hana Maui and look at some photos from my trip to Florida last week. The first night I arrived we went out…

Apple Tree

Almost forgot to post today’s photo. I’ve spent the morning shoveling…twice! First time I went out to shovel before taking a shower and helped the person next to…

Ice Cream

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we walked Worth Street in Palm Beach. Mostly, we were looking for these statues. I had seen them a few years ago…

Dog Bar

On the way to the airport we drove over to Palm Beach to look at how the 1% live and to take a walk along Worth Avenue. I’m…


We took a walk on Jupitor Beach one morning and saw lots of folks fishing. One guy managed to catch something while we were watching but I don’t…

Taking in the View

I’ve heard it’s been a little cool in Florida the past few days, mid 50s. The past few days in New England have been rather mild, low 40s….


Typically, we see a lot of these little lizards in Florida but this year I hardly saw any. I wonder why and what it could mean.

Beach Dog

Another dog we met while walking on Jupitor beach. This dog was having a lot of fun running along the beach. The water looks pretty in this photo…

Good Dog

We saw this dog playing in Memorial Park. He was such a good boy and very well trained. Another thing I liked about the Florida parks is that…

Memorial Park

Memorial Park was rerenovated about a year ago. It is located in Stuart, Florida. I’m always impressed with how dedicated Florida is to their parks. I’m lucky enough…

Great White Egret

I really liked the wispy feathers on this egret.

Manatee Pocket Daytime

Same boat as yesterday but taken during the day.  Happy Valentine’s Day or better yet, happy birthday to my nephew, Jared!!

Manatee Pocket Sunset

This boat looked like someone abandoned it. It makes for a pretty picture.

Yellow Sunset

Forget the Blizzard of 2013 in the northeast…let’s look at pretty, warm, Florida photos! Last year, they were dredging Manatee Pocket when I was down there on vacation….

View from The Reef

Here’s the view from the outside deck of The Reef. It’s a great place to sit and have a drink. I’ve been transferring my photos from my camera…

Name Change

The Reef on the left has always been called Finz since we’ve been coming down to Florida. Other than the name change, it still looks the same. They…

Manatee Sunbathing

We stopped at a spot where my aunt mentioned she had seen a bunch of manatees. We were not disappointed, all those spots you see in the water…

Road Kill

We came across this scene on one of our morning walks in Florida. Not a pretty picture but a documentation of life.

Iron Ball

Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with a name for the photo of the day. I guess iron ball works or is it concrete? Just an interesting…

Statue of Liberty Girl Scout

I had shown photos a few weeks ago of the art show I went to in Florida. This statue was on the street as I was walking away…

Square Grouper Tiki Bar

When we got to the Jupitor Lighthouse the boat turned around and headed back home. This is the first time I’ve seen the Square Grouper Tiki Bar from…