JETeye: Seeing Through Pictures- Year Ten

THAT’S A WRAP!! TEN years of photoblogging on Pixyblog! I’m sure that has to be close to a record, for someone posting 5 days a week for 10…

Haunted House: Commonwealth Avenue, Part 2

I think the guy coming out of the brick (or sinking into it) is awesome! I always wonder where people store all this stuff. This is a brownstone…

Haunted House: Commonwealth Avenue

Last week, after work, I was walking over to Beacon Hill so I could get some photos of Halloween decorations. A few years ago I had walked around…

Crescent House

This house on Crescent Street, Plympton, went all out with the decorations. I’m sure it looks even better at dusk. I like the skeleton climbing the house (there…

Keirstead’s View

I’ve always liked the view from the Keirstead’s property but it’s especially pretty with the colors and the reflection on the water.

Dennetts Pond

The fall colors are now appearing.

Fall Fountain

Pretty fountain outside the entrance to T-Bones on Main Street.


From the student’s shirt I discovered that ALMA del MAR is a charter school. Yesterday was a beautiful day to have a school field trip to Plymouth Rock.

Going with the Flow

I wish this was in my yard so I could listen to the water flow. Then again, it’s only a couple blocks away and I can walk down…

Nice Catch

I couldn’t tell when I took the photo if I got a shot of one of the birds catching a fish but once I saw the photo on…


Visited my aunt and cousin this past weekend. Also, got to visit with the beautiful Bella. She’s such a good girl and always greets me so enthusiastically.

Bird in Grass

Just a cute little bird in the grass.

The Meeting House

When I saw this house in the distance I thought maybe Dorothy had landed in Boston but then discovered it was an art project. “The Meeting House takes…

Fall Sky

Lots of purple in the sky during Fall.


I visited my aunt this weekend and while we were sitting on the double swing glider, I looked over and thought her shed looked picturesque.

Harvest Moon Pt 2

A few more photos from the Harvest moon.

Harvest Moon

I had seen the moon on my way home Wednesday night and thought it looked amazing. I was happy to be working from home yesterday so I could…


The colors seemed extra colorful when I was walking by these flowers along the waterfront.

Colorful Sailboats

I really liked the colors of these sailboats (especially the yellow one). With the sun setting it really made them stand out on the water.

Aloha, Hawaii

Well, that was a few weeks of revisiting last year’s Hawaiian 5-0 vacation. Not quite as good as being there but none-the-less fun to revisit our adventures through…

Oahu: White House

Our last full day in Oahu was rainy. Chris and Karen went for a drive and I stayed back to relax with a book and a walk in…

Oahu: Waimea Waterfall

While we didn’t swim in the Seven Pools in Maui we did get to swim under the waterfall at Waimea Arboretum and Botanical Garden. I should say, Chris…

Oahu: Lily Pads

At the Waimea Arboretum and Botanical Garden we came across these giant lily pads. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we did not see giant frogs.

Oahu: Ku’ula Shrine (Fishing Shrine)

A little history lesson: “This is a model of an ancient fishing shrine where Hawaiians worshipped the Ku’ula diety, or fish god. In ancient times, these fishing shirenes…

Diamond Head: Stairs, Going Down

We decided to take the other way down from the overlook. This involved crawling through a hole, going down a spiral staircase, entering a tunnel through the crater…

Diamond Head: View from the Top

Once we got to the top and saw the view, we knew it had been worth the hot climb. One way to see Honolulu without all the crowds!

Diamond Head: Lighthouse

We drove by this lighthouse on our way to Diamond Head. It was cool to get to the top of Diamand Head and see it from this vantage…

Diamond Head: Stairs, Going Up

Once we wound our way up the mountain to get to the very top you had to take the stairs up. When we came to the first set…

Diamond Head: The Climb

Not that you could get lost climbing up a mountain when the goal is to get to the top but with Diamond Head you basically can’t go off…

Oahu: Diamand Head

We had only planned on driving up to see what Diamond Head crater looked like but then we decided…we’re here, we might as well climb it (In the…

Honolulu: Water Toys

Everyone seemed to be having fun on the water!

Honolulu: Catamaran

After going to Pearl Harbor we stopped at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. We didn’t stay long just took a short walk on the beach. This catamaran looked like…

Oahu Sunset

The place we stayed on the north shore of Oahu wasn’t right on the water but it was just a short block away. We would take our chairs…

Oahu: Pearl Harbor Ships

Last year I posted some photos of our visit to Pearl Harbor and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. These ships are massive in size. I assume the U.S.S. Arizona might…

Ulupalakua Ranch Store

Across the street from Maui Wine is the Ulupalakua Ranch Store. We grabbed a drink and a couple of snacks.

Maui Wine

After driving along the coast on the back road out of Hana we came to Maui Wine.