Month: February 2016

Pratt Farm

Mom, Dad, and I took a walk yesterday at Pratt Farm in Middleboro. I was surprised I had not been there before. It has very nice trails and…

Ewe Look Marvelous

Okay, that might be the end of my “ewe” puns. I just love the horns on this one.

I See Ewe

It was so cute to watch the sheep walk up to the one laying down and lay her forehead on hers.

Smile Ewe

It sure looks like she’s smiling at me.

Awe, Ewe

You know Spring is coming because babies are being born on the farm. Look how cute these two little ones are with their momma.

Soule Homestead Education Center

This weekend was beautiful for getting out and taking photos. I wasn’t heading any place particular, just meandering around when I came across Soule Homestead Education Center. I…

Seashell by the Seashore

I found this seashell by the seashore. It was so pretty I took it home with me.

Ocean Tree

A trip to the dentist yesterday meant a stop at the ocean. After the sub-zero temps over the weekend, yesterday’s temps in the 40s felt like Spring. There…

Female Cardinal

While not as vibrant as the male cardinal, the female is still beautiful.

Red Ornament

Saw this ornament still hanging in a Back Bay window. Maybe they left it up for Valentines Day or they could be keeping it up through winter.


Not sure what these are called but they were all over the ground when I did my walk up Comm. Ave. I thought they had a lot of…

Snow Tree

Looks like it’s not going to get above 20 degrees for the next three days. With the wind chill it will feel like -10 below. Guess I’ll be…

Squirrel on a Tractor

Looks like it was the squirrel’s turn to take a ride on the tractor. He was filling up last weekend for the storm we had on Monday.


Somehow Maya has me in a routine where I get up around 4am and give her food. Then we go back to bed. It works well for her…


Caught my sister-in-law playing in the snow over the weekend. She’s almost as red as the cardinal from yesterday’s photo. I didn’t get a photo of the final…

Cardinal Feeding

Winter has arrived! Heavy wet snowstorm on Friday and another heavy wet snowstorm coming today. It’s really windy outside so fingers crossed we keep our power! The birds…

Bird on a Tractor

Who knew I’d be spending so much money on bird suet and seeds. When I lived in South Weymouth they wouldn’t allow us to put out bird feeders…

Squirrel Feeder

I was surprised to catch this squirrel at the neighbor’s feeder. I hardly ever see the squirrels in the yard. I’m assuming with their two dogs and my…

Winter Public Garden

Still some muted colors in the Public Garden. Puxatuney Phil didn’t see his shadow so hopefully we will get an early spring.


Always nice to be near the ocean…winter or summer. Although, a little more enjoyable in the summer :-).

Aegean Sea

Unseasonably warm yesterday and today. Mom and I took advantage of the weather yesterday and walked along the Plymouth waterfront.