Month: December 2016

Snowy Pumpkin

I probably waited a little too long but finally threw away the pumpkin.

Plymouth Yacht Club in Snow

Not much to say. Been on vacation this week. A pretty quiet vacation. Been to the movies twice and looking forward to a lazy day today.

Church of the Pilgrimage

Another pretty door, taken during the storm a little over a week ago.

Lobster Trap Tree at Night

Tried to post this photo yesterday but my blog was having issues. I took this photo on my way home Christmas night. A nice way to end a…

#11 Fence

This is the fence that belongs to the #11 house. The house next door (behind fence) is not nearly as pretty.

Plymouth Christmas Tree

It’s always hard to believe how fast Christmas arrives after Halloween. It seems November and December fly by. This is the Christmas Tree in Plymouth Center. I wish…

Holy Doors

I really love me the look of old wooden doors. These doors are on a church in the Back Bay Area.

Snowy Carver Street

Another snowy street.

Snowy Leyden Street

Better to be out walking in the snow than driving these streets.


Welcome to New England, where our weather goes to 11! Friday, it was to cold to snow (single digits). Saturday, it warmed up to the low 30s and…


Back in November, when I was waiting for the supermoon to rise, I was entertained by this guy fishing. Fishing from JETeye on Vimeo.

Colorful Tree

You can see from the many photos that this tree, at my parent’s house, is amazingly colorful. There were so many berries on it this year I’m surprised…

Lobster Trap Tree

This lobster trap tree on the wharf always looks great.

Holidays in Halifax: Ice Sculpture

Here are some shots of the gingerbread people (or maybe they are just people who are caroling) and the entire ice sculpture scene.

Holidays in Halifax: Water Mill

Saturday was the annual Holidays in Halifax. It was also the coldest day we’ve had this Fall…a mere 22 degrees. I invited my friend and her kids to…

Andy Lynn Boats

The wharf is starting to look nicely decorated for the holidays.

Plymouth Center for the Arts

A nice centerpiece.

Boston Holiday Lights

It’s looking very festive in Boston.


This photo doesnt really capture what I could see in person. The fog looked like it was seeping through the branches.

Prudential Decorations

A pretty view while taking the escalator down on the Huntington Ave. exit.

Medicine Man

Not sure if this guy had a medicine wagon or what but I do know that the object in his hand is a tongue depressor from many years…


I’m guessing these two might be a sheriff and deputy from the 1800s.