Month: November 2016

Rock Village Forge

A couple of blacksmiths working their magic.

Old Books

There is something about the texture, color, and contrast of old books that I find very appealing. I have my great grandmothers Bible from the early 1900s, that…

Show Me The Money

Before going over to Main Street to watch the Thanksgiving parade we walked through Brewster Gardens. I didn’t realize they would have these mini scenes setup of different…

Plimoth Plantation: Wood

A very cool way of piling a lot of wood. Heading to Mom and Dad’s today. I think they may have a fire going in the fireplace.

Plimoth Plantation: Thanksgiving

Seeing how the first Thanksgiving was in Plymouth and I moved to Plymouth this year, it was decided it might be fun to have Thanksgiving at my place….

Plimoth Plantation: Backyard

Typical backyard, even by today’s standards.

Plimoth Plantation: Thanksgiving

Plimoth Plantation: Doorway

It took awhile for me to get this shot because people kept blocking the doorway. I really liked the look of the broom and corn hanging in the…

Plimoth Plantation: Barn

The larger field where the cows hang out.

Plimoth Plantation: Candlelight

They only had candles, fireplaces and windows for lighting in the Pilgrim’s homes. These conditions made it difficult to take sharp photos and capture that beautiful light. In…

Plimoth Plantation: Woodpile

A nice pile of wood. I love sitting by a nice warm fire. Unfortunately, I don’t have a fireplace but my parents and brothers have them so I…

Almost Supermoon

This was the supermoon taken on Sunday night. I was a little late getting out with the camera and the moon was already up. While it doesn’t show…


I went out Sunday night to get the supermoon but was a little too late as the moon was already above the trees. Last night, I decided I…

Plimoth Plantation: What’s Cooking

A few of the Pilgrim women preparing for dinner. It was lunchtime when we visited and we hadn’t eaten yet. It smelled so good!

Plimoth Plantation: Militia Drill

While visiting Plimoth Plantation we were able to witness the militia during a drill training. Thank you to all the Veterans, and their families, for your service to…

Native American: Utensils

I really like the look of the utensils that were used back in the 17th century. The pitcher and its colors are beautiful.


We The People

When I first thought about what I’d write for today’s post I was thinking about explaining how I could not vote for one of the candidates. Then I…

Wampanoag Homesite: Canoe

On Saturday, I visited Plimoth Plantation with friends (bonus: as a Plymouth resident I get in for $5). It was the first time for my friend’s seven year…

Plymouth at Night

Looking up Leyden Street.

Town Brook at Night

Another picture from my walk through Brewster Garden at night. I like how the water was reflecting the lamp light.

Halloween Decorations

Wait, what?! How can it be November already!! Where did October go? Yikes, I’m just not ready to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I guess I better…

Brewster Garden at Night

A couple weeks ago we had a really warm night so I took a walk with the camera. Brewster Garden is just as pretty at night.