Month: July 2016

Muir Woods

Beautiful trees! We did a really nice hike through Muir Woods.

Sea Lions

We enjoyed watching the sea lions at Pier 39. It was fascinating to watch a sea lion jump onto the dock, on top of all the other sea…

Lombard Street

While most people drive or walk down Lombard Street, we somehow managed to walk UP it.

Lafayette Park, San Francisco

My cousins live across the street from this beautiful park. They just renovated the park and it’s awesome! They have a dog run with turf and it’s all…

Boston to San Francisco

We had a smooth flight to San Francisco. My cousin picked us up and then we went for a nice walk around Lafayette Park. A bit of a…

Music by the Water

Every Wednesday night during the summer Plymouth has music on the waterfront. It’s pretty nice to be able to walk down from my place, sit up on the…


Forgot to have a photo ready for the blog today. Scrolled through my phone photos to find something I captured. Found this one from back in May.

Saquish Farm House Renovation

Last year, someone bought the Farm House out on the Gurnet for $1.3 million. I think they are spending at least that much on renovating it! Back in…

Farm Day: Mayflower Cranberries Bog

One of the bogs at Mayflower Cranberries.

Farm Day: Cranberries Flowering

Hard to see but there are a lot of cranberry buds blooming.

Farm Day: Cranberry Crates

I liked the look of the old cranberry crates all stacked together.

Farm Day: Mayflower Cranberries

Last stop on the Farm Day tours was Mayflower Cranberries. This was a very informative tour giving us all sorts of history about the bog, the families that…

Farm Day: Take a Seat

Just the right spot to sit and relax at Just Right Farm.

Farm Day: Zen Garden

Beautiful gardens to grow the fresh veggies that a served from farm to table.

Farm Day: Tin Tubs

I loved how they had all these tin tubs hanging on the back of the house at Just Right Farm.

Farm Day: Just Right Farm, Table Display

This beautiful display was on the table with the ice tea at Just Right Farm. The owner Kimberly is multi-talented.

New Digs: Bedroom

Well, there’s still more stuff to be moved and lots to be put away and organized but the bedroom is ready for Maya (and me). We both had…

Farm Day: Just Right Farm

Next stop on the Farm Day tours was Just Rught Farm. They are a farm to table dining experience. It was nice to have a glass of ice…

Saquish 4th of July Parade

The best parade is when you can just be standing on the beach while trucks drive by and throw candy at you! I really like the swing chair…

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!

Farm Day: Reunion Farm

After the sheep farm we headed over to Reunion Farm where they have horses and a massive barn for shows.