TEN years of photoblogging on Pixyblog! I’m sure that has to be close to a record, for someone posting 5 days a week for 10 years (not that they were all quality photos but they were quality time). I’m exhausted :-). What started as a challenge to myself, to post 5 photos a week for a month, somehow turned into a 10 year journey. I learned about my community, other states and countries; I picked up techniques on shooting and processing and I mostly learned that photography is the best way for me to find mindfulness/being in the moment (if only I could find it when I’m not taking photos).

I think for now, I’ll let my last 10 years of photoblogging stay on Pixyblog for anyone to view. Moving forward I’ll be posting current photos on my JETeye Photography Facebook Page.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves and give a quick top ten thank you list (I couldn’t have done this without all of you):

1. Thank you to Pixyblog for getting me started
2. Thank you to my family and friends for encouraging me to keep going
3. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and checked out my blog
4. Thank you Mom for correcting my spelling and reminding me when I’m late posting an image 🙂
5. Thank you feet for all your photo walks
6. Thank you Italy and Hawaii for months of photos to post
7. Thank you Florida for yearly trips to post warm photos during the winter
8. Thank you Massachusetts for the adventures in my own backyard
9. Thank you Canon, Olympus and Apple for the equipment to take pictures daily
10. Thank you Mother Nature, God, Buddah, Higher Spirits, etc. for letting the beauty shine through

If anyone is interested in looking at the recaps from previous years you can click the links below.

Year OneYear TwoYear ThreeYear FourYear FiveYear SixYear SevenYear Eight; Year Nine

Mosaic credit goes to AndreaMosaic which is the software I used to create this image. It’s a free download. The image is made up of hundreds of photos I took over the past year. I first used this software for my Year One in review.