Month: September 2015

Soft Yellow Flower

Hopefully, these pretty flowers will still be standing after the heavy rain we are having today. 


On Saturday, instead of going for a jog I took a walk around the neighborhood with the camera. There have been a lot of acorns falling in the…


Well, it wasn’t a blood red moon from my place but it was a pretty cool eclipse.

Kite Surfing

While leaving the beach a few weeks ago, I came across these guys. They looked like they were having a great time and I love the look of…

Music and Kayaking

This photo was also taking during the music on the waterfront. It must have been pretty nice kayaking in the harbor while listening to the music.

Welcome to Fall

Fall is here. As with every year it always seems like Summer ends faster than other seasons. But Fall is beautiful and hopefully I will get in some…

Bunny Pumpkin

Another picture of Mom and Dad’s fall decorations. The mornings are definitely feeling like fall.

Fall’s Coming

Wednesday will be the first day of fall 2015! Mom and Dad’s yard is already looking very fallish.

Plymouth at Dusk

While listening to the music on the waterfront we were able to enjoy the beautiful light on the water at sunset.

Music on the Waterfront

Well, I only made it to one of the summer music concerts in Plymouth but that’s one more than last year. I went with Mom and Dad and…

Mayflower House: Garden 2

Couple more shots of the Mayflower House Garden. Soon I’ll be posting pictures of fall leaves!

Mayflower House: Flowers

They grow them big at the Mayflower house.

Mayflower House: Garden

Not as big as the Public Garden but they always have a pretty garden at the Matflower house.

Boston Public Garden 2

Rain yesterday and today will make the Public Garden flourish. Plus I haven’t had to water my plant (yes, one plant).

Public Garden: Swan

This swan seemed to love the camera. He would swim right up next to me and then turn and glide by me.

Public Garden: Flowers

Beautiful flowers in the Public Garden. No wilting like my flowers.

Boston Public Garden: Swans

The swans are still at the Public Garden but I’m sure they will be moved to their winter home in the next month. The swan boat rides also…

Boston Public Garden

During winter it seems like summer is so far away and then when summer finally arrives it feels like it’s over in the blink of an eye. While…

Pembroke Herring Run

A pretty spot to sit and relax.

Pembroke Herring Run: Brook

I went to the wake for a friend’s mother-in-law a couple weeks ago. It’s always hard/sad going to a wake. My Mom told me I should bring my…

Plymouth: Flower Barrel

A pretty stop to sit and daydream. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents!

Dennetts Pond: No Dam

Back in June I mentioned that they may take down the dam at Dennett’s Pond. Well, they did and this is what it now looks like. If I…