Month: September 2014


I don’t know why I didn’t post this image of Sabrina yesterday with Marley. Of course, they both deserve their own post. Sabrina is also a very sweet…


Marley is my brother, Chris and sister-in-law, Karen’s cat (they also have Sabrina). Now that I live next door, I also get to see the cats more often…


Oops, almost forgot to post a photo today. Mom and I ran to Walmart this morning to buy all the misc. items I needed. Last night was the…

Moving In

The bedroom is all set for Maya and I to move in today. For a few days I will keep her to the bedroom so she is not…

Body Magic

Saw these wizards while driving yesterday. I wish they could do some body magic on me.

Boston Harbor Walk: Dogs

A couple of cute dogs that I passed while walking along the Harbor Walk. They were happily waiting for a treat.

Moving Out

Last photo from my balcony. I think Maya will miss it the most. Hopefully, she’ll like the new place.

The Oldies

Some oldies but goodies seen at the Halifax Church Chicken BBQ.

Boston Harbor Walk: Sculpture

This sculpture was located in front of UMass. Not sure if it is a flame or just an abstract piece of art.

Boston Harbor Walk: Planes

Logan Airport is in the pathway of the Boston Harbor Walk. During the entire walk planes were flying overhead. Sometimes they felt very close as if I could…

Boston Harbor Walk: JFK Boat

I parked at the JFK Library so I could walk along the Harbor Walk. This is the back of the library where they have one of JFK’s sailboats….

Boston Harbor Walk: Relaxing

This guy didn’t look like he was planning on going anywhere. He was just sitting on his boat relaxing.

Boston Harbor Walk: Rainbow Swash

A little water activity with the colorful Rainbow Swash (National Grid) gas tank in the background. A little history ( “In 1971, artist Corita Kent (1918-1986) designed the…

Boston Harbor Walk: Flowers

Pretty flowers along the Harbor Walk. A good spot to sit and reflect…especially with today being September 11th. It’s still hard to believe that thirteen years ago, planes…

Boston Harbor Walk: Six Sails

Sort of like a Sesame Street lesson on counting. One, two, three, four, five, six. Six sailboats sailing. Or part of a song like the Twelve Days of…

Boston Harbor Walk: Walkway

It’s a very nice stroll along the Harbor Walk. I bet at night it’s really pretty with the lights on the lamp posts as well as the city…

Boston Harbor Walk: Pavilion

Back during the begining of August I had driven into work on a Saturday morning (to put together my Ikea hack standing desk). It was such a nice…

Family Portrait

A childhood friend, emailed me a few months ago and, asked if I would be willing to take some family photos for his parent’s 50th anniversary. Other than…

Westport: Doors

Just a couple of doors that I thought looked very nice.

Brant Rock: Skateboarding

Took a walk along Ocean Street in Brant Rock on Sunday. Saw these crazy kids drive by. Not a very smart idea, but then again, typical kind of…

Brant Rock: Model A

Seeing this Model A reminded my parents of their honeymoon. They honeymooned in Brant Rock and had borrowed my Uncle Bob’s Model A to drive to the cottage….


As soon as this truck turned in front of me, it brought back so many fun memories of when we were kids tailgating at the beach (bottom photo). …