Month: December 2015

Milo and Catnip

I gave Milo a toy with catnip and he fell in love with it! He was so happy with it he drooled all over the floor. I told…

Mr. Puff

I meet my nephew’s cat, Mr. Puff, for the first time on Christmas day. Such a sweet boy. He was so friendly and loved to cuddle.

White Reindeer

We took a walk after lunch on Christmas (I’m going to need many more walks after all the treats I’ve eaten) and came across these white reindeer. I…

Christmas Turkeys

Christmas morning on my way to Mom and Dad’s I had to pull over and take a picture of all these turkeys. I also grabbed a quick video….

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All.

Merry Christmas Eve

Santa won’t have to worry about coming down the chimney tonight. It’s supposed to be in the mid to high 60s today and in the low 60s tomorrow….

Winter Wonderland

A childhood friend of my nephews sets up this winter wonderland for the Holidays in Halifax. He says it takes about 2 weeks to set everything up (mostly…

Blacksmith Shop

This is year I didn’t make it over to the Blacksmith Shop during the actual hours of Holidays in Halifax. I went down earlier to take a photo…

Brockton Store

This snowman is one of the originals from Edaville Railroad. My aunt and uncle purchased him and he made an appearance at the Brockton Store for Holidays in…


We could have used a little of Elsa’s magic to keep the ice sculptures from melting so fast during the Holidays in Halifax. My friend’s son is six…

Ice Sculptures

The final result of the ice sculptures. Unfortunately, i never got an individual photo of the dinosaur in the back.


I drove by the next morning after Holidays in Halifax and quite a bit of the sculptures were gone. Within 2 days it was all melted.

Ice Artists

Here are the guys who put in long hours, to create these work of arts, only to have them melt away.

Holidays in Halifax

Saturday was the annual Holidays in Halifax: “Holidays in Halifax is the Town’s annual winter holiday event including, during the late afternoon and early evening, open houses in…

Budweiser Fire Truck

One of the houses we visited on the tour was a former fire station. I like that they had an old fashioned fire truck in the garage. I…


I wasn’t sure if this was a diorama, or as my brother said, a crèche. Technically, I think it falls under both definitions. Anyway, it was setup at…

Birch Tree

We came across this beautiful white birch tree while walking down to one of the houses on the tour.

Tree with a View

During the house tours, we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the houses (I got yelled at once). There were a couple houses where I asked if I…

Gideon Holmes and Court Street

Yesterday, the family went on the 10th Annual Holiday House Tour in Plymouth. There were 9 houses that we could tour and then we finished off with a…


Hard to believe Christmas is only 3 weeks away. It’s always so hectic and busy at work that I don’t feel as if I really get to enjoy…

Churchill Park Boardwalk

A couple more shots where you can see more of the boardwalk on the Churchill Park side of the Plympton Parks. They did a great job and I…

To Cato’s Ridge

After Thanksgiving dinner we took a short walk at the new Plympton Parks to see the boardwalk that was recently built. We entered through Churchill Park but did…

The Inn

I’m always impressed with how nicely the decorations are at The Inn. Happy December 1st!