Month: April 2015

Spring Leaves?

Looks like the Spring thaw unveiled leaves left over from the Fall.

Duxbury Harbor Morning Light

Just another pretty morning on the water. 

Mixed Berry

This photo was taken the weekend before last. Even the juice box was happy about the warm weather we had that day.

Magnolia Trees

A little later this year than last but the Magnolia trees are finally blooming.

Catch and Release

No nets allowed but these kids still found it pretty easy to catch and release the herring.

A Deluxbury Morning

This morning, I had a very early chiropractic appointment in Duxbury. Of course, this meant I would need to stop and take a photo by the water. I…

Herring Running

That’s not dark rocky water. That is a ton of herring trying to mske their way upstream! Since there is basically a waterfall ahead of them I have…

Oliver Mill Park

Saturday was a beautifully sunny, warm day. Top item on my agenda was to go out and take pictures. I had been to Plymouth the past three weekends…

Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon

Working for a school I’m lucky enough to have Patriots’ Day off. I’m happy to watch the Boston Marathon on tv and avoid the commute to the city….

Spring Planting

It’s quickly starting to look very colorful in Boston. The top photo was taken on my walk to work Wednesday. The second photo was taken on my walk…

One Boston Day

Yesterday, marked the first annual, One Boston Day. “This day will be a celebration of the resiliency, generosity, and strength of the people that make Boston the great…

Mayflower House Arbor

I’ve always liked the look of an arbor, in particular the roundish ones.

Field of Leaves

Looking more like Fall colors but these photos were taken last week. Pretty soon we should be seeing more colors and trees blooming.


After almost a week of cold rain we ended up with a beautiful weekend. Took a walk in Plymouth with my brother Chris and ate lunch outside. If…

Raindrops on Tulips

It’s been cold and rainy the past few days. I’m really getting tired of walking to work and being cold and wet. The weather was starting to take…


I’ll be happy to go back to the Mayflower House garden and take photos when the roses are blooming.

Ice Leaf

It’s still cold. Temps should be in the 50s but they are still in the 30s/40s. Even in my office building it’s cold. I think they turned down…

Nelson Park River

Took another walk this past weekend in Plymouth. It’s nice getting out for photo walks again. This time I had friends along which made it very nice. It…

Strawberry Carrots

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a nice day. My task was to bring fruit so I made a few strawberry carrots for decoration. As always, my…

Wanna Play?

This photo was taken last weekend when the weather was in the high 30s and it felt so good to be out in the sunshine. The dogs seemed…

Marker 29

The water looked a bit like glass on that day.

Plymouth Yacht Club

Happy April Fool’s Day. No joke, I’m working from home today. Hope everyone has a fun-filled day.