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Going with the Flow

I wish this was in my yard so I could listen to the water flow. Then again, it’s only a couple blocks away and I can walk down…

Nice Catch

I couldn’t tell when I took the photo if I got a shot of one of the birds catching a fish but once I saw the photo on…

Bird in Grass

Just a cute little bird in the grass.


The colors seemed extra colorful when I was walking by these flowers along the waterfront.


A quick break away from our journey up the Pipiwai Trail- because I didn’t have time this morning to process a couple of photos. I really need to…

Yellow Petal

I really like how this one looks like it’s almost dripping.

The Orange Ones

I really liked the orange flowers. The color just popped!


Daisies always make me smile. Maybe because there are typically fields of them and they seem so happy swaying with the breeze.

Pink Petals

Amazing how the petals form/layer to make flowers. Beautiful.

Pink Yellow Rose

The roses seem so soft and delicate. I loved how this one had a dew drop on it. Or maybe that was a sweat drop as it was…

Filament and Anther

Busy week this week so I’ll just post some pretty flowers from the Mayflower House garden. I took just the macro lens with me this day to try…

Yellow Bird House

Looks like someone lives here. Could use a paint job but overal not bad and they have a porch like mine 🙂

Sleepy Swans (and Ducks)

It’s hard to tell in a still image but in the first image everyone was asleep. I took an early morning walk yesterday and came upon this group…

Osprey Nest

You can see one baby Osprey in this shot and I’m pretty sure I can see another in one of my other shots (came out blury). I wonder…


Lots of bunnies out and about in the neighborhood.


Back in November, when I was waiting for the supermoon to rise, I was entertained by this guy fishing. Fishing from JETeye on Vimeo.

Colorful Tree

You can see from the many photos that this tree, at my parent’s house, is amazingly colorful. There were so many berries on it this year I’m surprised…


Leucanthemum or as I like to call them flower with white petals and yellow center. They always seem bright and happy.

Fall Leaf

the beautiful colors of Fall. This one has all the colors of a sunset.

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. My family, like many families, has been affected by breast cancer. I never met my maternal grandmother, as she passed away from…

Busy Bee

Thankfully, this bee was very busy. He didn’t seem to mind me getting very close or the fact that I was holding the flower stem to keep it…

Petal Red

I really liked the shape of the petals on this flower.

Delicate Rose

The roses in the Mayflower House garden are all so beautiful.

Purple Pink Rose

Pretty as a rose.


The forecast for the next seven days is cloudy/rainy. We really need rain so hopefully a few of those days will have some heavy rain. Then we will…

Purple Star

I really like the shape and color of these flowers.


I love taking photos of flowers. I just don’t happen to know the names of most of them. I worked from home yesterday so during my lunch break…


watched these bees in Brewster Gardens for awhile. They were very busy bees.


This butterfly is actually the color of butter.

Pretty Pinks

Looking forward to the long weekend. Sounds like some crazy weather around the U.S. I hope everyone has a safe Labor Day weekend.


Forgot to have a photo ready for the blog today. Scrolled through my phone photos to find something I captured. Found this one from back in May.

Pink and White

I think this was a flower i saw along my walk to work in the Back Bay.


I think this little fella is going to miss us when we leave. He won’t be getting feed from the feeder and he won’t get extra exercise when…

Bleeding Hearts

Mom and Dad’s Bleeding Hearts are always so pretty and abundant. Mom gave me a small one to grow at home but I only got a single bleeding…

Hang On

I think this squirrel was hanging out on the branch listening to the music in the Public Garden.

Sitting Duck

Just a duck enjoying the Public Garden.