Month: May 2016

Church and Town Hall

The Halifax Congregational Church and the Town Hall looking picturesque with the vibrant blue sky.

Memorial Day 2016

Not a good day for a Memorial Day parade. My dad is supposed to be marching in the Plympton parade as selectman. I hope the rain lets up…

Sitting Duck

Just a duck enjoying the Public Garden.

Monkey On Her Back

I thought this little girl was so cute watching the ducks. Although, she’s rather young to have a “monkey on her back.”

Copley Reflection

Typically, you see the shot of Trinity Church reflected on the building in Copley Plaza however, I had just walked past the church when I saw this reflection…

Copley Plaza Bird

I cropped this image down a bit to get closer to the bird. I’m happy with the new camera’s picture quality even when zoomed in like this much.

Copley Plaza

Brought the new camera to work with me so I could practice with it. The weather is finally feeling like Spring (and even a little Summerish) and lots…

Dog Defiance

I guess this dog can’t understand the signs. I don’t blame him as it looks like a perfect spot to cool off and get a drink.

Duxbury Bay

A trip to the chiropractor means a stop at the bay.


These flowers weren’t from the Public Garden but are located in the Back Bay. They looked do very pretty.

Public Garden: Swan

While I typically see the swan nesting at the Public Garden I’ve yet to ever see any babies. 

Public Garden: Pretty Tulips

The flowers in the Public Garden are nice and vibrant right now.

Public Garden: Morning Walk

Took a walk through the Public Garden on Wednesday morning. As usual, I was late for work. Things are really starting to look very pretty!

Monkey See

So, this thing showed up in Chinatown on my walk to South Station yesterday. It is an 11-foot-tall monkey sculpture called Monkey See. Apparently, it is in keeping…


Loved how the light was shining through the yellow petals.

It’s Here!

The next couple of days will be in the 60s and maybe into the 70s by the end of the week. Much better weather to go out walking…

Getting there…

Yesterday, the sun finally came out later in the day and the temps rose to about 60 degrees. A nice addition to Mother’s Day. This week looks like…

Still Waiting…

I think this is the sixth cloudy/rainy day in a row. The temps have been in the mid 40s/low 50s. We may see the sun on Monday and…


Still waiting for Spring to arrive.

Swan Feathers

There was a chilly breeze the last time I was taking photos of the swans. I love how the wind ruffled the feathers.

Swan Feathers

Turkey Dinner

This turkey has it made as far as food. She has discovered the bird feeder at my parent’s house. She doesn’t seem to concerned about coming right up…

The Good & The Bad

I’ll start with the bad news. It seems the turtles won and there are no babies in the Cordage Park pond. Even the parent swans are gone. Very…