Month: June 2017

Summer Concert Series

Another photo from Wednesday night’s Summer Concert. It must be nice to be sitting on a boat in the water and listening to the music float by you….

Summer Concerts Begin

Last night was the beginning of the Summer Concerts series- every Wednesday until the end of August. It was a beautiful night for sitting outside, enjoying time with…


While I see people in Boston all the time, playing music to earn some money, I don’t usually see many (if any) in Plymouth, doing the same. Not…

Brook to Harbor

Town Brook flowing into the Plymouth Harbor.

Plymouth Harbor Boats

It was a very pretty weekend full of blue skies and white clouds.

Pilgrim Belle

I’ve yet to go on a cruise on the Pilgrim Belle. I guess I should put it on my list.

Plymouth Harbor

This photo was taken on Tuesday. It was such a beautiful day for a walk. Should be nice for a walk today.

Boat Ramp Dock

They redid the boat ramp at Plymouth waterfront and built a nice new dock.

Sleepy Swans (and Ducks)

It’s hard to tell in a still image but in the first image everyone was asleep. I took an early morning walk yesterday and came upon this group…


Look like this stairs lead to a nice home. They look very inviting.

Osprey Nest

You can see one baby Osprey in this shot and I’m pretty sure I can see another in one of my other shots (came out blury). I wonder…

Mayflower House Flowers

Some of the pretty flowers in the garden at the Mayflower House.

Brewster Gardens Bridge

For the past 2 months they have been working on installing a new bridge at Brewster Gardens. It came out very nice and I’m sure all the wedding…

Sheep Shed

Just a little shed for the sheep.

Toe Biter

Not very lady like but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to clean those toes.

Farmer’s Market

Yesterday, I rode my bike down to the farmer’s market held at Plimoth Plantation. I didn’t buy much- a juice drink when I got there and then a…

Harlow Old Fort House

Came across this house on my walk yesterday afternoon. I’d never heard of the Old Fort House but it’s owned by the Antiquarian Society who also owns the…

Jenny Grist Mill

I’m not sure you could call it a jog that I took today but it was a little quicker than my typical walk. It’s been well over a…

Hedge House

I don’t remember ever taking a tour of the Hedge House. Maybe I should put it on a list of things to do this summer. “The 1809 Hedge…


Lots of bunnies out and about in the neighborhood.

Kite Surfer

These pictures were taken back on May 21st at Nelson Park. I didn’t expect to come across someone surfing on the water this early in the season. Although,…

Surfside Smokehouse

I have yet to try the Surfside Smokehouse.  When it was Union Fish I had gone a couple of times. Mostly for appetizers so I could just sit…