Month: November 2015

Fruit & Cheese

Wishing I had eaten more fruit and cheese and less pie and cookies.


Spent a wonderful day yesterday with family giving thanks for all we have (especially each other). 

Giving Thanks

I am forever thankful for the wonderful family (including Maya, in the photo) and friends that I have in my life. I hope everyone has something to be…

Christian Science Sunrise

It’s not as nice with the scaffold in front of the building but I still thought it was pretty with the morning light on the church.

Live By Night

Last night, while walking to South Station after work, I came across all these old cars in front of the Copley Plaza hotel. I assumed they were getting…

Squirrel Nut

There was a woman in the Public Garden feeding the squirrels. She called them by name and new the history of some of them (one had a broken…

Franklin Park Zoo: Siberian Crane

I find the color of the eye on the Siberian Crane to beautiful.

Franklin Park Zoo: Zebra and Bongo Butts

Apparently, I like butts :-). At least ones that have cool stripes. Here we have the Grevy’s Zebra and the Bongo.

Franklin Park Zoo: Anteater

Not sure if there were many ants in this exhibit area. The anteater was very busy searching for them.

Franklin Park Zoo: Warthog

This may be the first time I’ve seen a warthog (which I almost keep typing as Hogwarts) other than seeing the film and stage version of The Lion…


While my department falls under NU Global Network we are housed in what is referred to as the CPS building (College of Professional Studies). Northeastern leases space (the…

Black Cat

Happy Friday the 13th! I hope everyone has a very lucky day! This photo is of Louisburg Square in Beacon Hill. It is the last private square in…

Beacon Hill: Sidewalk

I love walking through Beacon Hill but it’s always a challenge not to twist an ankle. I would not recommend walking around the area in heels.

Veterans Day, 2015

Thank you to all the Veterans from past, present, and future.

Franklin Park Zoo: Goat “Cheese”

I do believe this little sweetie has a smile on her face. She was very happy to be patted and kept jumping up to get more attention.

Sauchuk Farm: The Barn

Sauchuk Farm added a big beautiful barn this year at their corn maze site. While I’ve gone to their vegetable stand down the street, I’ve yet to visit…

South Weymouth Sunrise

While I do enjoy it being bright in the morning, now that the clocks have been turned back, I have to admit it was nice seeing the beautiful…

Beacon Hill Doorway

A very inviting doorway. However, this is in the very exclusive Beacon Hill area so I probably woudn’t be welcomed if I knocked on the door :-).

Plympton Burial Ground

It looked like it might rain on us during the tour but we were lucky and it was only a little windy.

Gravestone Carvings

While taking pictures, I was sort of paying attention to the historian giving the tour but I should have taken notes. I know he mentioned a Fuller and…

Plympton Burial Ground Tour

What sounds like the best way to spend the day after Halloween (besides eating candy)? How about a tour of a burial ground? Mom, Dad and I went…