Month: August 2015

Berkshires: Clouds

Amazing clouds while we were out on the pond.

The Mount: Zen Garden 2

A nice spot to sit and meditate.

The Mount: Zen Garden

I just loved this zen garden. I think I could easily sit and relax in this spot.

The Mount: Garden Flowers

Some of the beautiful flowers from The Mount garden.

The Mount: Garden

Besides being able eat outside listen to live music, The Mount also had beautiful landscapes to explore. This garden was full of amazing flowers.

The Mount

While out in the Berkshires we took a picnic dinner to The Mount. We were there early and were lucky enough to get one of the few tables….


Of course we were all feeding the ducks (yesterday’s photo). How could you resist these sweet faces.

Duck Feeding

Chris and Karen seemed to have adopted a family of ducks. As you can see they will come right up to you for food. Also, Karen said when…

Goat Farm Garden

Pretty scenery at the goat farm.

Goat Farm

More goats from the goat farm. I love how they have to be sitting/or standing on top of something.

Say “Goat Cheese”

These goats are so entertaining at the goat farm.

A Cat’s Life

Oh how I wish I had a cat’s life! This friendly feline was begging for attention at a goat farm we visited in the Berkshires. My mom and…

Berkshires: New House On The Pond

New house being built on the pond across the water from my brother and sister-in-law’s place.


One of my cousin’s dogs out at the beach.

The Berkshires and Family

Spent the weekend out in the Berkshires at my brother and sister-inlaws cabin. My aunt and cousins came out the next day and we had lunch with them.

Three Headed Sunflower

One of the sunflowers in Mom and Dad’s yard sprouted three heads!

Super Swan

After bathing a quick shake to dry off and show off.

Swan Bath with Video

Now I understand how swans keep themselves so white and clean. Video at the bottom.   Swan Bathing from JETeye on Vimeo.

Swan Bathing

Apparently, all the birds were taking baths around the same time. I guess just after lunch time is bath time.

Duck Swim

After taking a bath it was back into the water for a refreshing swim.

Duck Cleaning

On Saturday, I ate lunch outside at the Jenney Grist Mill and watched the ducks take a bath.