Month: September 2016

Delicate Rose

The roses in the Mayflower House garden are all so beautiful.

Purple Pink Rose

Pretty as a rose.


The forecast for the next seven days is cloudy/rainy. We really need rain so hopefully a few of those days will have some heavy rain. Then we will…

Purple Star

I really like the shape and color of these flowers.


Fall has arrived. It was a beautiful sunny weekend, only in the 60s. This morning the heat came on!


I love taking photos of flowers. I just don’t happen to know the names of most of them. I worked from home yesterday so during my lunch break…


Pretty soon I won’t be seeing many sail boats on the water.  Happy Fall!

Lobster Hut Just Married

One of the wedding couples I came across, in Brewster Gardens a couple weeks ago, had this ride waiting for them. I wonder if that means the reception…

Soccer in Action

He may not be as big as the other boys but, he’s not afraid of them and gets right in on the action.

Brewster Gardens: Town Brook

Somehow I didn’t get my walks in this weekend. This shot is from last weekend. I always like how you can look down from Main Street and see…


watched these bees in Brewster Gardens for awhile. They were very busy bees.

Wedding Party Shoots

At the beginning of my walk last weekend I came across a wedding party photo shoot in Brewster Gardens. On the way back from my walk I came…


This butterfly is actually the color of butter.

The Thirsty Pilgrim

There was a two day event this past weekend called The Thirsty Pilgrim. It’s a beer festival so I wasn’t interested, other than taking a couple photos. Looked…

Buoy Reflection

It was warm and humid on Saturday but it felt nice walking around the waterfront in the late afternoon.

Morning Jog

It’s been at least 4+ months since I’ve gone for a jog (well, if you can call my slow pace a jog). I’m working from home today so…

Brown and Green Grass

It’s been very dry around here this summer. Even the sea grass is turning brown.

Plymouth Bay

The condos in the background are at the end of my street. I can walk down to them at look over and see the Mayflower. Pretty spot.


I stopped by the Mayflower yesterday afternoon to see how choppy the water was. It was windy and a bit choppy but not too bad. Luckily, it’s protected…

Ocean Roots

Went for a nice long walk this morning. It was a bit windy on the waterfront but overall not bad. I guess starting tonight we will get remnants…

Pretty Pinks

Looking forward to the long weekend. Sounds like some crazy weather around the U.S. I hope everyone has a safe Labor Day weekend.

Beach Display

A fun beach display my aunt put together in front of the cottage. Not sure if we will have much for beach weather this Labor Day weekend.