Month: October 2015

Beacon Hill: Black & White Pumpkins

Happy Halloween, tomorrow!! I just loved this black and white pumpkins.

JETeye: Seeing Through Pictures- Year Eight

Today is the eighth anniversary of my photo blog. If I was to think back right now over the past year I would say it was full of…

Franklin Park Zoo: White Tiger

I visited the tiger area twice while at the zoo. When we first arrived in the morning it was very cold and rainy. The white tiger, named Luther…

Franklin Park Zoo: Tiger

The colors of the tiger are vibrant and beautiful!

Franklin Park Zoo: Lion Roar

While the lions did roar a couple of times, I’m pretty sure I caught a yawn.

Franklin Park Zoo: Lion Profile

He has a very strong profile.

Franklin Park Zoo: Playful

Later in the afternoon the lions were more awake and even playful.

Franklin Park Zoo: Soulful Lion

I found it difficult to be at the zoo. On the one hand it was amazing to see the animals up close but on the other hand it…

Franklin Park Zoo: Tired Lions

The Lions had been feed in the morning so when we first arrived they were tired and ready for a nap.

Franklin Park Zoo: Dinari and Kamaia

In these photos we have African lion brothers, Dinari and Kamaia.


I think I could go for a cranberry muffin this morning 🙂

Pine Street Cranberry Bog

This is a different bog than the one I’ve been showing all week. This bog was just down the street from the other one but they had not…


This is a different bog than the one I’ve been showing all week. This bog was just down the street from the other one but they had not…

Cranberry Chute

It was pretty interesting to watch the process of the cranberries going from the bog into the machine that washed and separated them and then into the truck.

Cranberry Harvesting

I love the colors of the red cranberries against the blue water and sky.

Cranberry Gatherer

My brother called me on Saturday to say they were harvesting the cranberries down the street. So, I grabbed the camera and headed out to see if I…

Franklin Park Zoo: Azize

I posted yesterday that they discovered the baby gorilla is actually a boy (not a girl as they had originally believed). They changed the name from Aziza to…

Franklin Park Zoo: Gorilla Carry

The zoo keeper told us that Kiki had her own special way of carrying her babies. She has had four babies and has carried all of them this…

Franklin Park Zoo: Looking

What you can’t see is that she is looking up because it is about to be snack time and a zoo employee will soon be throwing down some…

Franklin Park Zoo: Gorilla Foot

I think this might be the 4 year old daughter of Kiki (or it could be her 10year old daughter). It was easier to tell them apart when…

Franklin Park Zoo: Kiki and Aziza

I went on the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk this past weekend. It’s been a couple of years since I participated in the walk. When I saw…

Brussel Sprouts

I had never seen Brussel sprouts growing. I found them fascinating, although not very tasty to me.


Happy October! Yesterday was in the 70s, today only in the 50s.