Franklin Park Zoo: Kiki and Aziza

I went on the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk this past weekend. It’s been a couple of years since I participated in the walk. When I saw that the walk in Boston was going to be at the Franklin Park Zoo I decided to sign up. I thought it would be interesting to photograph at the zoo and I had also never been to the Franklin Park Zoo.

I spent the most time watching the gorillas. They were fascinating and the fact that there was a baby gorilla was even more fun. In this shot we have Kiki, the mother, and her 4.5 month old daughter Aziza. Actually, the zoo official said there is some debate over whether Aziza is a girl or a boy. They believed she was a girl at first but now there is speculation that she may be a he. Either way the baby is beautiful!

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  1. Great picture of Aziza Jamie. She’s certainly a cutey.

  2. Thanks, Jack. Lots of fun watching here.

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