Month: March 2016

Magnolia Flowers

On my walk from Back Bay there is one magnolia tree that is in full bloom. I’m sure many more will be blooming soon. 

Easter Walk

After Easter dinner walk so we could make room for dessert.


My sister-in-law does a beautiful job setting a table and decorating (and cooking!). She and my brother are always gracious to host the family for holidays. Thank you!

Monday Maya

This is Maya when I tell her she has to come inside. Also, her look when spying on the birds. Pretty much looks like me on a Monday…

Squirrel with Apple

This squirrel thought he was pretty lucky to catch this apple. However, it was so big he kept dropping it. At one point he ran off so I…


Massasoit looking out over the waterfront.

Fabulous at Five

My furr baby is five today! Everyone knows Maya is a princess and mostly spoiled (but well deserving). She is even more talkative than last year which is…

Nice View

Looking out at Plymouth Rock and the ocean.

Plymouth Pergola

I could have taken a shot outside my window right now of snow (5 inches of heavy wet snow with a few more inches to go) but I…


Looks like Pebbles in Plymouth is getting a fresh coat of paint. A sign that Summer may not be that far away!

Mayflower House Flag

I wasn’t sure why the flag at the Mayflower House was at half mast last weekend. I thought maybe they lower it when the Mayflower II goes off…

Fishing Boat

Hardly any boats at the Plymouth yacht club. This fishing boat must be taking a break before going back out into the harbor.


Mom and Dad have a crocus who just couldn’t wait for Spring to arrive.

Water Tower Painting

This is a job I would NOT want! However, I bet the view is amazing.

Pratt Farm Pond

I wish I had had the last couple of days off from work. It’s been so nice outside it would have been perfect to really explore Pratt Farm. 

Squirrel Stash

Looks like this little fella still has a stash of nuts.

It’s Over, Mary

It’s hard to read the tombstone but I could see that her first name was Mary and then her last name could be Dover but I could only…

Central Burying Ground

Still a bit chilly in the mornings but the afternoons are getting nicer to walk. They say tomorrow could be close to 70 degrees! Yesterday, I took a…

Monday Morning

Didn’t have an image prepared for this morning so on the way to the commuter rail (my phone auto corrected to “country minutes rail” which I kind of…

Horse Hair

Somebody could use a haircut or at least a trim of the bangs.

Halifax House

Just a “little” place being built in small town Halifax.

Baby, It’s Ewe

Mom, Dad and I went to see the babies at Soule farm over the weekend but they were laying down in the hay and hard to see. I…

Pratt Farm Tree Roots

Another tree at Pratt Farm. I was impressed by the massive root system of these trees. Also, they would make awesome climbing trees.