Fabulous at Five

My furr baby is five today! Everyone knows Maya is a princess and mostly spoiled (but well deserving). She is even more talkative than last year which is hard to believe. One of her meows now sounds like “Maaaa”. As if she is a teenager yelling for her mother. It’s usually when I’m upstairs and she is downstairs wanting to go out on the deck.

She still isn’t thrilled when we have visitors but she’s getting much better. She has even let a couple people actually pat her. Just a quick pat or she’ll swipe at them, but that’s a big improvement.

Maya has always loved being brushed and massaged and the past year she has been even more cuddly. I don’t know if it’s because she’s home alone for 12 hours most days or just getting older. And when I come home at night, she’s sitting in her cat tree looking out the window waiting for me :-). When I work from home she walks across the keyboard and then curls up on my lap. Such a cutie!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

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  1. shirley

    She is such a cutie. Happy birthday, Maya! (I love how in the last photo her eyes look half-lidded.)

  2. Thank you. Too bad you’re allergic to her.

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