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Visited my aunt and cousin this past weekend. Also, got to visit with the beautiful Bella. She’s such a good girl and always greets me so enthusiastically.

Toe Biter

Not very lady like but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to clean those toes.

Bark in the Park: Happy Dogs

From the look on these dogs faces it was a very successful event!

Bark in the Park: Doberman Pinscher Obstacle

The first time through the course this Doberman didn’t want to go through the tunnel but second was the charm. All the dogs did such a great job…

Bark in the Park: Dalmatian Hug

After doing such a great job at the obstacle course you get a big hug!

Bark in the Park: Dalmatian Obstacle

This one looked like a little kid sliding through the tube.

Bark in the Park: Pug Obstacle

I don’t think of pugs as being very agile but this one did an amazing job! Bark in the Park: Obstacle Course from JETeye on Vimeo.

Bark in the Park: Cockapoo

This puppy was adorable! Very excited to see every dog there and even the people.

Bark in the Park: Stretch

A little stretching during the activities.

Bark in the Park: Smile

This was one happy dog!

Bark in the Park: I Wuv You

Just look at how much this puppy loves his daddy.

Bark in the Park: Besties

Just like with kids, it always takes a few photos before you get one where they are all looking at the camera (if you are lucky)!

Bark in the Park: Roxie

It’s wonderful that they make these wheel chairs for dogs. She was able to walk really well and she was very happy.

Bark in the Park: Nose to Nose

The dog on the left is the one from yesterday’s post. I think she may be trying to pickup a friend to take home.

Penelope Pig

Yesterday, I went to the dentist and decided to make a quick stop at Nelson Park. Well, it wasn’t as quick as I thought it would be as…

Puppy Walk

I know it would be a lot of work but wouldn’t it be fun to have a puppy! No dogs allowed at my place so Maya doesn’t need…

Play Ball

I saw this dog in Copley Square and he was just so patient waiting for his dad to throw him the ball. 

Knock Knock

Lots of pretty decorated doors in Boston along Commonwealth Avenue. I think I have enough door photos in my collection to make a whole photo album. Since I…

Holy Doors

I really love me the look of old wooden doors. These doors are on a church in the Back Bay Area.


Haunted House

I have a very talented friend who does a great job decorating for Halloween (I’m sure her family also helped). She also built the prop in the second…


This art installation, Shimmer, is located in the Fort Point neighborhood of South Boston. Even on a cloudy, foggy day, it still looks colorful.

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

On Friday, I had a workshop in South Boston. I took an earlier bus into town so I would have time to walk around and take pictures. I…

K9 Demonstration

A Plympton police officer demonstrates the skills of a K9 dog. It was so impressive to see how this dog followed every command.   K9 Training from JETeye…

Lobster Hut Just Married

One of the wedding couples I came across, in Brewster Gardens a couple weeks ago, had this ride waiting for them. I wonder if that means the reception…

Plymouth Bay

The condos in the background are at the end of my street. I can walk down to them at look over and see the Mayflower. Pretty spot.

Fish Flower Trees

Came across this display on my walk to work. Not sure if it’s a special art exhibit or just decorations. Either way it adds a little bit of…

Sunset Beach

Okay, I’m no longer homesick. I’m ready to go back to paradise :-).

Hawaiian Mail

I like how the simple addition of a surf board adds so much to this mailbox landscape.

Hawaiian Mail

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach

It was very cool to not only see the black sand beaches but to also go swimming in them. I went swimming at this beach which had the…

Farm Day: Sheep Shearing

At the Orion Acres Sheep Farm they showed us how sheep are sheared. Poor babies were shunned a bit, by the rest of the herd, after they had…

Farm Day: Donkey

On Sunday, Mom, Dad, and I attended the Plympton Agricultural Commission’s “Come On Out To The Farm” event. Basically, it was tours of various farms in Plympton. I…


My cousin’s kitty is adorable! She is either a year old or about to turn a year old and is still a little peanut. I just love her…


I haven’t had time to process any photos so I really don’t have much for today. Grabbed this shot of flowers in the Back Bay on my way…

Charles River

Last week, took a walk during lunch over to the Charles River. Beautiful view.