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Rain Drops

This shot was from Sunday when we got a little bit of rain. It rained again last night but much harder and with some thunder. When it was…


Just a chicken. No joke.

Duxbury Bay

A trip to the chiropractor means a stop at the bay.


These flowers weren’t from the Public Garden but are located in the Back Bay. They looked do very pretty.

Spring Snow

This photo was taken Monday morning when it had just started to snow. It was pretty on the flowers…for about 5 minutes and then I was done with…

Fluffy Tree

I took this photo the other day so it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Maybe it was decorated like this for Easter or just Spring in general. Either…

Monday Maya

This is Maya when I tell her she has to come inside. Also, her look when spying on the birds. Pretty much looks like me on a Monday…

Fabulous at Five

My furr baby is five today! Everyone knows Maya is a princess and mostly spoiled (but well deserving). She is even more talkative than last year which is…

Horse Hair

Somebody could use a haircut or at least a trim of the bangs.

Baby, It’s Ewe

Mom, Dad and I went to see the babies at Soule farm over the weekend but they were laying down in the hay and hard to see. I…

Ewe Look Marvelous

Okay, that might be the end of my “ewe” puns. I just love the horns on this one.

I See Ewe

It was so cute to watch the sheep walk up to the one laying down and lay her forehead on hers.

Smile Ewe

It sure looks like she’s smiling at me.

Awe, Ewe

You know Spring is coming because babies are being born on the farm. Look how cute these two little ones are with their momma.

Soule Homestead Education Center

This weekend was beautiful for getting out and taking photos. I wasn’t heading any place particular, just meandering around when I came across Soule Homestead Education Center. I…

Red Ornament

Saw this ornament still hanging in a Back Bay window. Maybe they left it up for Valentines Day or they could be keeping it up through winter.


Probably the friendliest llama I’ve ever met. He/she came running over when I walked up to the fence. I suppose she wanted a treat but she still seemed…

Milo and Catnip

I gave Milo a toy with catnip and he fell in love with it! He was so happy with it he drooled all over the floor. I told…

Mr. Puff

I meet my nephew’s cat, Mr. Puff, for the first time on Christmas day. Such a sweet boy. He was so friendly and loved to cuddle.

Giving Thanks

I am forever thankful for the wonderful family (including Maya, in the photo) and friends that I have in my life. I hope everyone has something to be…

Squirrel Nut

There was a woman in the Public Garden feeding the squirrels. She called them by name and new the history of some of them (one had a broken…

Franklin Park Zoo: Siberian Crane

I find the color of the eye on the Siberian Crane to beautiful.

Franklin Park Zoo: Zebra and Bongo Butts

Apparently, I like butts :-). At least ones that have cool stripes. Here we have the Grevy’s Zebra and the Bongo.

Franklin Park Zoo: Anteater

Not sure if there were many ants in this exhibit area. The anteater was very busy searching for them.

Franklin Park Zoo: Warthog

This may be the first time I’ve seen a warthog (which I almost keep typing as Hogwarts) other than seeing the film and stage version of The Lion…

Franklin Park Zoo: Goat “Cheese”

I do believe this little sweetie has a smile on her face. She was very happy to be patted and kept jumping up to get more attention.

Franklin Park Zoo: Tiger

The colors of the tiger are vibrant and beautiful!

Franklin Park Zoo: Lion Roar

While the lions did roar a couple of times, I’m pretty sure I caught a yawn.

Franklin Park Zoo: Lion Profile

He has a very strong profile.

Franklin Park Zoo: Playful

Later in the afternoon the lions were more awake and even playful.

Franklin Park Zoo: Soulful Lion

I found it difficult to be at the zoo. On the one hand it was amazing to see the animals up close but on the other hand it…

Franklin Park Zoo: Tired Lions

The Lions had been feed in the morning so when we first arrived they were tired and ready for a nap.

Franklin Park Zoo: Dinari and Kamaia

In these photos we have African lion brothers, Dinari and Kamaia.

Franklin Park Zoo: Azize

I posted yesterday that they discovered the baby gorilla is actually a boy (not a girl as they had originally believed). They changed the name from Aziza to…

Franklin Park Zoo: Gorilla Carry

The zoo keeper told us that Kiki had her own special way of carrying her babies. She has had four babies and has carried all of them this…

Franklin Park Zoo: Looking

What you can’t see is that she is looking up because it is about to be snack time and a zoo employee will soon be throwing down some…