Month: October 2016

JETeye: Seeing Through Pictures- Year Nine

Saturday (Oct. 29th) was the 9th anniversary of the day I started photoblogging on Pixyblog. The memories I have most about this past year of course have to…

Haunted House

I have a very talented friend who does a great job decorating for Halloween (I’m sure her family also helped). She also built the prop in the second…

Plymouth Farmer’s Market

Today is the last outdoor farmer’s market for the season. I only made it over one time. I didn’t buy anything, just took a few pictures.

SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers)

Here is another art installation, SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers), located in the Fort Point neighborhood of South Boston. This is when I really wished I had my camera…


This art installation, Shimmer, is located in the Fort Point neighborhood of South Boston. Even on a cloudy, foggy day, it still looks colorful.

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

On Friday, I had a workshop in South Boston. I took an earlier bus into town so I would have time to walk around and take pictures. I…

KRF: Baby Cougar

I’ll take two, please! This baby cougar (around 4-6 months) was so darn cute! I could have watched him play all day. Baby Cougar

KRF: Cat Show

For me, the best part of King Richard’s Faire is the Cat Show. As with a zoo, I have a love/hate relationship with the Cat Show. I want…

KRF: Jacques Ze Whipper

Introducing Jacques Ze Whipper. Jacques Ze Whipper

KRF: Characters

Here we have some of King Richard’s Family and a few odd balls that I don’t think Richard wants to acknowledge :-).

King Richard’s Faire

Took a trip back to the 16th Century this past weekend. Visited King Richard’s Faire with my family. Thankfully, they had free tickets because this place is expensive….


Leucanthemum or as I like to call them flower with white petals and yellow center. They always seem bright and happy.

Fall Leaf

the beautiful colors of Fall. This one has all the colors of a sunset.

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. My family, like many families, has been affected by breast cancer. I never met my maternal grandmother, as she passed away from…

Busy Bee

Thankfully, this bee was very busy. He didn’t seem to mind me getting very close or the fact that I was holding the flower stem to keep it…

Fall Decor

My aunt and uncle’s house looks nicely decorated for the Fall.

Pumpkin Burger

The Dennett Elementary School in Plympton had a fair a couple weekends ago. Each class entered a pumpkin for the pumpkin decorating contest. I don’t know who won…

K9 Demonstration

A Plympton police officer demonstrates the skills of a K9 dog. It was so impressive to see how this dog followed every command.   K9 Training from JETeye…

Petal Red

I really liked the shape of the petals on this flower.

Pumpkin Stack

I really like the look of the stacked pumpkins. I haven’t decorated my place with this look but took this shot at Sauchuk’s Farm.

Back To The Future

Stayed home sick, with a cold, on Friday. Still wasn’t feeling my best on Saturday but since it was a rainy day I didn’t mind staying inside. I…