Saturday (Oct. 29th) was the 9th anniversary of the day I started photoblogging on Pixyblog. The memories I have most about this past year of course have to do with my vacation to Hawaii. Actually, looking back through the photos I realize I didn’t post as many pictures as I had thought. It must have been because I was also posting to Facebook. I guess this winter you’ll be seeing lots of Hawaii photos! The best part of Hawaii was going with family and learning to snorkel. And it wasn’t just Hawaii that we visited but also San FranciscoMuir Woods and Napa Valley.

Let’s do a quick review of the rest of the past year. The holidays are always busy and full of events but mostly they are about time with family.The new year started off with a visit from the Scottish clan. It snowed, then got warm, then really warm and now back to cold again. Other than my Hawaiian vacation, I stayed close to home. I took a tour of the Plympton cemetryCato’s Ridge and Farm Day. I went to King Richard’s Faire and once again wanted to take one of the “cats” home. Speaking of home, the other big event this year, was that I moved to Plymouth, just down the street from the Mayflower. I was able to attend the live music on the waterfront during the summer and have enjoyed many walks on the weekend.

And when lacking a photo there was always MayaMayaMaya.

As always, I am grateful to my family and friends for supporting my photography/blogging. I definitely wouldn’t have blogged this long if it wasn’t for your encouragement. It’s humbling to know that others enjoy my photography. Lights, Camera… Year TEN, here we come!

Happy Halloween!

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