Month: August 2014

Super Moon

Here she is, the Super Moon of August 2014.

Super Moon: Rising

Unfortunately, it was a little too bright when the super moon was rising so you couldn’t see it right away coming over the horizon (years ago I captured…

Super Moon: Powder Point Bridge

Duxbury beach has been in the news the past few days due to a shark sighting. I didn’t get any photos of a shark, but while waiting for…

Super Moon: Relaxing on the Water

These guys found a fun way to pass the time waiting for the super moon. Maybe they weren’t waiting for the moon but they helped entertain me while…

Super Moon: Sunset

A couple weeks ago I drive down to Dyxbury to get photos of the the Super Moon. There was also a super sunset.

Tired Squirrel

This is how I feel this week.

Westport: The Rock

I guess I needed a person or seagull in this shot to show how huge this rock is. Just take my word for it, it was really big…

Westport: Sailboats

I wouldn’t want to be sailing in this fog but the boats on the water with the fog rolling in look pretty cool.

Bunny Time

Came home from work one day and saw these two bunnies in the backyard of the apartment complex. I took a few photos with the smaller camera I…

Maya in Black and White

Maya was happy to have me home for the weekend. Long hours at work last week and she doesn’t know it yet, but it could be the same…

Westport: Pond Meadow Arbor

Last of the shots of Pond Meadow. Is this considered an arbor? I know I would enjoy sitting under it with a book and listening to the ocean.

Westport: More Pond Meadow

Here we have more of the Pond Meadow buildings/grounds. The fog was really rolling in at one point.

Westport: The Pond Meadow

This is The Pond Meadow located on Westport Harbour. You can rent it out for $3,500/week.

Westport: Beach

After taking a left, at the fork in the road (see yesterday’s photo), we ended up at the ocean. The closer we got to the ocean the foggier…

Westport: Fork in the Road

We literally came to a fork in the road while driving around Westport. We forked left.

Westport: Fishing

Just a boy and his fishing rod.

Westport: Lee’s Wharf

Had the past three days off. Mom, Dad and I were supposed to go to the Berkshires to my brother’s cottage, but we mistakenly listened to the weather…

King Caesar Road: Big Barn

When I first saw this house (top photo), I thought it was a pretty modest sized house for this road. But then I saw the barn/garage and realized…

King Caesar Road: Black Shutters

There is a lot of house going on in these photos. For only a few million+ you could own a house on King Caesar Road.

King Caesar Road: Blonde House

At this home we were greeted by a couple of blondes. While the little one was vocal towards the crowd her tail was wagging the whole time. Maybe…

King Caesar Road: Boathouse

This is the boathouse to yesterday’s photo of the main house. I would much rather live in the boathouse than in the main house. The garden landscape is…