Month: June 2016

Farm Day: Llama

This beautiful llama also lives at Orion Acres Sheep Farm. I was told to be careful near her (sometimes they spit) but looking into her eyes I could…

Farm Day: Sheep Shearing

At the Orion Acres Sheep Farm they showed us how sheep are sheared. Poor babies were shunned a bit, by the rest of the herd, after they had…

Farm Day: Donkey

On Sunday, Mom, Dad, and I attended the Plympton Agricultural Commission’s “Come On Out To The Farm” event. Basically, it was tours of various farms in Plympton. I…

Pink and White

I think this was a flower i saw along my walk to work in the Back Bay.

Monponsett Gazebo

Another shot taken at the Monponsett Inn. A very pretty spot to sit and read.

Monponsett Pergola

Last Saturday while waiting for my car to have an oil change I walked around the grounds of the Monponsett Inn (and also had breakfast there). It was…


After our drive to Cohasset we went to lunch at a restaurant in Scituate. It was right on the water so we could watch the boats coming in…


Took a ride with Mom and Dad on Sunday to Cohasset. Such a pretty area.


My cousin’s kitty is adorable! She is either a year old or about to turn a year old and is still a little peanut. I just love her…

Memorial Day Revisited

Due to the torrential downpours on Memorial Day they had to cancel the parade and the recognitions/speeches. On Tuesday, they didn’t have a parade but they did recognize…


I haven’t had time to process any photos so I really don’t have much for today. Grabbed this shot of flowers in the Back Bay on my way…

Charles River

Last week, took a walk during lunch over to the Charles River. Beautiful view.


The fuchsia plants we bought Mom for Mother’s Day have bloomed and are beautiful!


I think this little fella is going to miss us when we leave. He won’t be getting feed from the feeder and he won’t get extra exercise when…

Deck Time

Someone’s going to miss this deck when we move. She knows how to relax on a nice warm day.

Bleeding Hearts

Mom and Dad’s Bleeding Hearts are always so pretty and abundant. Mom gave me a small one to grow at home but I only got a single bleeding…

Rain Drops

This shot was from Sunday when we got a little bit of rain. It rained again last night but much harder and with some thunder. When it was…

Bird in Hand

Trinity Church garden statue.

Hang On

I think this squirrel was hanging out on the branch listening to the music in the Public Garden.

Music in the Park

With the weather warmer there’s a lot going on in Boston. There are people every where which can make it difficult to get to South Station in time…

Plympton Library Garden

The Girl Scouts built some flower gardens for the Plympton Library. They look great. The girls even decorated some rocks for the garden.


Just a chicken. No joke.