SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers)

Here is another art installation, SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers), located in the Fort Point neighborhood of South Boston. This is when I really wished I had my camera and not just my phone. I really wanted a zoom lens.

From the Fort Points Art website:

“SOS (Safety Orange Swimmers) will be composed of 20+ large scale figures cast from a single mold. Painted in “Safety Orange,” the figures swim with salvaged black inner tubes that have been re-purposed as personal floatation devices. S.O.S. invokes the Fort Point Channel Basin as a metaphor for the seas across which people have always traveled in search of shelter, freedom, prosperity and safety; seas in which they have often lost their lives. The Swimmers symbolize the world’s refugees and migrants, and the long history of global migration on which our city and nation are largely built.

Artists Ann Hirsh & Jeremy Angier hope to provoke discussions about the changing identity of the Channel by asking: how are we, a city in the midst of an economic boom, responding to the current global refugee crisis?”

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  1. Sort of eerie, huh? Very interesting art installation.

  2. Yes, eerie. I had to look real close to make sure they weren’t real people.

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