The zoo keeper told us that Kiki had her own special way of carrying her babies. She has had four babies and has carried all of them this way. As you can see the baby just hangs on and goes for a ride on her leg. 

I just saw this on the Franklin Park Zoo webite:

“Much to everyone’s surprise, it was recently confirmed that Kiki the gorilla’s baby, thought to be a baby girl, is actually a baby boy. Kiki, an experienced and protective mother, had been holding the baby very closely and staff was initially only able to get a limited view. Based on this, it was thought that the newborn was a girl. As it is healthier for mothers to raise and bond with their offspring naturally, our staff will only intervene if it is necessary for the welfare of the baby or the mother. Without a medical exam, it is very difficult to determine the sex of a baby gorilla, particularly when the mother holds the baby closely. The baby has reached the developmental phase where he has begun to crawl and stand up, and well … This is Kiki’s first son – her three other offspring with her mate Kitombe (Kit) are all females. Aziza the baby gorilla will now be called Azize.”