Raindrops on Tulips

It’s been cold and rainy the past few days. I’m really getting tired of walking to work and being cold and wet. The weather was starting to take it’s toll on me when I came across these tulips. They were planted outside the Inn at St. Bololph. I have to admit the raindrops add another layer of beauty to these gorgeous flowers.

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  1. I’m happy you came across these beautiful tulips to brighten your day, and ours.

  2. Thanks, Mom :-). I hear it could be sunny and warm tomorrow. I think Maya and I need to sit on the deck for an hour and get some Vitamin D!

  3. shirley

    Love bumping right into those moments where Mother Earth and the Universe (or God, if you will), make exhaling into peace and love and joy absolutely irresistible. What gorgeous images. What gorgeous Life!

  4. Thanks Shirley. It is very nice when you come across something that reinstills that sense of peace.

  5. Great pic Jamie

  6. Thanks, Jack.

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