New Digs: Bedroom

Well, there’s still more stuff to be moved and lots to be put away and organized but the bedroom is ready for Maya (and me). We both had a long day. Maya was dropped off at my Aunt and Uncle’s house at 6:30am and left alone. Myself, my sister-in-law and my parents were all packing up things (along with the movers) and going back and forth between apartments.

I honestly have the most amazing family. They always are there willing to help in any way they can. Almost two years ago when we moved to Halifax, my family helped move my stuff and did a ton of work cleaning. With the move to Plymouth the family comes through again helping in any way they can. My parents as always go above and beyond. While I don’t enjoy packing/moving I am so grateful to my family…and I’m sure Maya is just as appreciative 😉

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  1. shirley

    Congratulations! And, yes, it’s so nice to have such wonderful family relationships.

  2. Jamie

    Thank you! And, such supportive friends!

  3. Sandy

    Welcome home! It’s always so much easier to move with helping hands. Glad you have a reliable crew!

  4. You’re going to love it there. Maya too (in time)

  5. Jamie

    Thanks Sandy and Mom. We both just need to get use to all the new noises in the “city”.

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