I went out Sunday night to get the supermoon but was a little too late as the moon was already above the trees. Last night, I decided I better get out there early and was on the waterfront by 4pm. I did not realize the moon would not rise until 5pm and that it would be so cold.

I have Raynaud’s Syndrome which means when I’m cold my fingers turn white and go numb (and then become painful). Last night they were so numb I couldn’t press the buttons on the camera. I actually started to leave because I thought the moon should have already started to appear and maybe it was to cloudy to see it. As I was half way back to my car someone yelled that they saw the moon coming. So, I ran back setup my camera and tried to get a few pictures. The pictures aren’t the best (and don’t give it justice) but they do show how orange the moon was as it was rising. Since my hands were so cold I took a few more pictures and then just watched the moon rise. I have to tell you it really was super!

*For all those thinking I need better gloves, yes, I probably do, but also, I have to take the gloves off (or pull back the fingers on mittens I have) in order to press the buttons on the camera. I should have brought hand warmers with me…which I forgot I actually had some in the car.