Road Kill

We came across this scene on one of our morning walks in Florida. Not a pretty picture but a documentation of life.

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  1. Florida birdlife is sure different than up north. That is an intense looking bird! I’m guessing it’s some kind of vulture, right? The turkey vultures in our area north of NYC are pretty ugly. They have pink/red bald heads and their feathers are a dirty grayish brown. The possum’s face is something else, too.
    One time I was in a zoo in Jacksonville, FL and I kept telling the zookeepers that these white birds were escaping from the bird aras and it turns out they are kind of like pigeons. But they were so pretty and starkly white I thought they must be a kept species!

  2. Sandy, I think you are right, it probably is some type of vulture. I had another shot from the right side where you could really see the possum’s face but I thought it might be a little too gruesome.
    I liked your bird story 🙂

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