Garden Girl

Yesterday was the holiday party at work.  This year we had a garden variety theme.  The theme is kept top secret and usually know one is allowed in to the party early.  When I mentioned I wanted to take some photos they allowed me to walk through the trellis (see where a camera can get you). Yes, they had a trellis, a white picket fence and flowers leading down the hallway to the entrance.

When I first walked through the doors it was a bit dark. I noticed that the main center piece was a large plant.  As I looked at it I could see it slowly moving.  I assumed it was an electronic plant that could grow and sway.  Then I looked closer and realized it was a live human dressed in a flower outfit.  Strange and even freaky but overall she was very interesting.  She was also very nice, posing for me whenever I was trying to take a shot.

I had a hard time deciding between using this photo and another one (maybe I'll post the other one tomorrow).  I ended up picking this one because I liked that you can see the bird that she is focusing on.  I didn't even notice the bird when I took the photo. 

Besides this garden girl there were food stations setup throughout the room with everything from turkey, beef, cheese, crackers, pepperoni, pasta, an open bar and a long table full of cookies, cupcakes and make your own sundaes.  Good stuff!

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  1. So colorful! I love it!

  2. Yes, now that you mention it, it felt very much like Spring walking into the party with all the colors. Just what we all needed with the snow we’ve been having. It’s snowing now as I type this.

  3. Hey – that’s the same outfit I bought Melissa as a Xmas gift.

  4. Sheesh… all we got was pizza and beer delivered to the office! That sounds like it was really fun and festive… and not so cold and gray.
    BTW, sometimes the “simple math questions” aren’t so simple 😉

  5. I think her diet consists of too many leafy greens. Great shot, though.

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