Garden Girl 2

Here is another image of the Garden Girl from the holiday party.  Yesterday's photo was taken with the camera on auto and with the built in flash.  Today's photo was taken with the camera in shutter priority mode and the external flash.  I like that you can see the background lights in this shot.  However, both shots don't really give you the true picture of what it was to see her in person.  With using the flash she had more light on her than there really was in the room.  She was actually hard to see and that made it more creepy to see "the plant" moving.


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  1. She still lokks pretty creepy! Did she ever say a word? Happy Winter Soltice – we gain a minute of daylight a day now…
    Melissa B

  2. No, she didn’t speak a word. She just slowly moved around and would stop and stare right at you- very creepy.
    Oh good, more daylight. We also had more snow!

  3. Anonymous

    Yoko! Is that you???

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