Snowy Owl Escape

A couple years ago, I went out on a photo MeetUp with an Audubon guide. The guide told us all about how to approach a snowy owl. The idea was to be calm and stay low to the ground. We were to move towards the snowy owl when it was looking away from us and then stop when it looked back. This way the owl would not be scared off. Well, I was a little impatient yesterday and started walking right out towards the owl to get a closer shot. At first the owl was okay with me approaching but when I got a little too close she took off. I felt bad that I disturbed her but how cool is it to see her flying! 

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  1. Would be hard to spot these guys today.

  2. Yes, you are right. it’s hard to spot them on a good day, forget it with snow!

  3. Hope both you and the snowy owl are safe in your nests today.

  4. Wow, breathtakingly beautiful.

  5. Thanks Shirley. It was such a beautiful sight to see.

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