In Search of Snowy Owls

Yesterday, I drove out to Saquish in search of the snowy owls. On the road out to the Gurnet I didn’t notice any owls. Then I went up to the lighthouse to just look around and I ran into one of the patrol officers. He mentioned that he saw a snowy owl on the back road out to Saquish. So, I headed out on the back road and didn’t see anything at first but then saw a white spot in the grass. Sure enough it was a snowy owl. The bottom two photos are of this owl. Then when I was leaving I saw a couple more white dots and saw the top two owls. I just stayed in the car to take the two top photos. I saw a fourth owl fly over me as I was almost to the Powder Point Bridge. I’m sure there were even more owl as I saw a few other white dots. At first they look like they just might be a white bottle or trash but once you get a little closer you can then see that they are actually snowy owls.

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  1. Wow – great pictures Jamie. Love that bottom one.

  2. Thanks Jack. Even with my 100-400mm lens I still wish I could have zoomed in closer. Stay tuned for a few more shots tomorrow.

  3. Amazing! I’ve only ever seen an owl once. He was almost impossible to see because he looked just like the tree he was on, plus it was dusk.

  4. I love this series! I am so impressed by the last two pics.

  5. Thanks everyone. This is the second time I’ve seen snowy owls and they are amazing.

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