Swan Soul

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the snowy owl photos. I’m glad I took the time to navigate the bumpy road out to Saquish. Worth every bump along the way. I may have to head out there again this winter.

That same day on Monday morning I had to be in Plymouth so I figured I’d head down early and see what I could get for pictures. I stopped at the Jenny Grist Mill to check and see if any of the swans stayed behind for the winter. Sure enough there were two of them. When I was processing this shot I thought how it was composed in such a way that it would work well as one of those images you would see on a card with a poem or saying. So, I decided to see what it might look like. I hope Emily Dickinson doesn’t mind that I borrowed a piece of her poem.


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  1. just beautiful

  2. Thanks Mom. It will probably become one if your cards 🙂

  3. Stunning.

  4. Judy Shea

    Looking forward to Spring now….great shot!

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