Brunswich, GA Part 2

A few more shots from the downtown area of Brunswich, GA. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we had been doing so well on time that we arrived a little early in Brunswich and were able to walk around. After being in the car for close to ten hours it’s always nice to get out and stretch and it was very pretty walking around here. After we went out to eat at a steakhouse (chicken for me) and then back to the hotel. The night before I had fallen asleep at 8pm and I could have this night also (it’s exhausting sitting in a car all day) but Once Upon A Time was on TV. Mom and I managed to stay awake to watch it but Dad went to bed (he doesn’t watch it anyway so he was happy to get some sleep).

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  1. That first shot is stunning. Love the sky and the pinpoints of light in the silhouette of the building.
    Teo was so scared of the snakes in that episode of Once Upon A Time!

  2. Thank you. I liked the photo better as a sihouette instead of seeing the building.
    I also find snakes to be rather scary!

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