Parrots and a Manatee

In last Wednesday’s post I mentioned that Mom and I had seen parrots on our first morning walk as well as a baby manatee. I had posted a shot of the manatee I had taken with my iPhone but didn’t have any shots of the parrots on the iPhone. However, I did have shots of the parrots on my Canon G12 camera (I didn’t have a way to process the raw images so had to wait until I got back home to use Lightroom). Anyway, we saw close to 20+ parrots sitting on the wires. After that day we only saw 2-4 parrots at one time. 

It was pretty much in the mid to high 70s while I was there so we were actually pretty lucky to see a manatee in Manatee Cove. Again, Mom and I saw this on the first day of our morning walk, just after seeing the parrots, and we didn’t see any manatees in the cove the rest of the time I was there. Here you can see how close the manatee was to the dock. I was standing on the edge of the dock (boardwalk) and just pointed my camera down at the manatee. Usually, we don’t see more than there noses popping out of the water but the water was shallow and clearer than usual so this is the clearest I’ve ever seen of one of them.

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  1. Love these! Especially the second and fourth pics of the parrots.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them. I think Mom and I were being welcomed to Florida by these wonderful birds and manatee. Such a magical sight to see both.

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