Brunswick, GA

I am back from Florida. It was a really nice week relaxing and spending time with Mom and Dad. Hard to believe the week went by so fast. On our way down we stopped in Brunswich, GA. We made really good time so ended up in Brunswich around 3:30pm. This gave us time to take a little ride around the historic district. Right next to the historic district was this waterfront. It was very pretty and really felt good to get out and walk around.

Maya was very happy to get out of the boarding house. When we got back to the apartment I figured she’d go hide under the bed but instead she walked around the place, making sure everything was where it was supposed to be. She was also very chatty. I think she must have been telling me about her week at the Cat Hotel…most likely complaining about the medicine she had to take. But the medicine seemed to work as she checked out with healthy kidneys and no ulcers! She didn’t seem too upset with me as she even crawled into my lap and took a nap for a little while.

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  1. the trip pics make me wish I was away too! even though it’s been so mild up here, it’s sure not as warm as GA and FL.
    glad to hear Maya’s trip to the hotel wasn’t too traumatic. Girl used to walk around the perimeter of the cabin every time we got up there. its a funny ritual but I think it means she knows its home.

  2. Thanks Sandy. It was very nice in Florida and surprising mild when I got back to Boston. Loved your memorial to Girl and Boy.

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