Flower Felon

My Mom likes to snip flowers from the plants outside businesses when we take our morning walk. Or as my Dad says, “she’s a flower felon.” So, far she hasn’t been caught or the owners don’t mind her taking one here and there. They are pretty and look nice on the kitchen counter.

Yesterday, we had lunch at the Dolphin Bar at Jensen Beach. We all had the bowl of shrimp and lobster bisque and it was delicous! As you can see mine was all smiles :-). After lunch we headed over to the Barbours Produce stand. They have a great selection of fruit and vegetables for a really good price. The only problem is that they have a small parking lot and it’s crazy trying to get in and out of the place. You always hear people beeping at each other but I’ve yet to see an accident.

After we came back home, sat out by the pool and read our books. Later we took wine and a Ginger Ale down to one of the parks and had a drink while the sun set. Supper was chicken salad, left overs from last night’s grilled chicken, on top of a salad. It was delicous. For dessert we had keylime pie and watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. Another day in paradise 🙂

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  1. Ahhh…it is very relaxing just reading your posts!

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