Yesterday, Mom and I took the Island Princess tour. Unfortunately, Dad had to stay home and wait for the cable guy. Since arriving in Florida we have not had a tv. Which hasn’t been too bad since we didn’t have to listen to any of the politics. We were able to watch movies on the DVD player so at night we’d just put a movie in. However, we wanted to make sure we had the cable working in time for the Super Bowl.

You can see from the photos it was pretty cloudy. It would have been nice to have a little more sunshine but I was glad it wasn’t completely sunny as we would have been roasting on the boat. I was surprised at how packed the boat was, I believe they said we had around 98 people on the boat. From the Island Princess website it states:

As you cruise the calm waters of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway, the Captains narration will bring history to life. You’ll hear tidbits about Stuart infamous and famous residents as you cruise by their homes, and the Captain will acquaint you with the many bird sanctuaries, spoil islands, and other points of interest.

We did see many famous and inflated homes, as well as lots of historical information from the Captain. We didn’t see as much wildlife as I had hoped but we were lucky enough to see a few dolphins and I caught a glimpse of a manatee.

Later in the day, Mom and I played a game of Bananagrams and watched some tv. Today sounds like it may be a bit cloudy again so we might go to the movies and relax most of the day. Only the weekend left and then I head back on Monday.

Go Pats!!!!!!

All photos taken with iPhone 3Gs.