Settling In

It’s nice to be able to celebrate the 1st of February in sunny Florida. Yesterday, it was in the low 70s and a bit windy but still beautiful. Mom and I went for our morning walk. We were hoping maybe to see one of the wild parrots and ended up seeing close to 20+ parrots (I’ll post a photo next week)! On the way back from our walk we were treated with a baby manatee swimming along side the walkway in Manatee Pocket.

By late morning we were off to Publix to go grocery shopping. Once back I heated up yesterday’s leftovers of my grouper sandwich. Then Mom and I walked out on the dock, sat on the bench and enjoyed the sunshine. By mid-afternoon I was talking my nap and then when I got up Mom and I watched Chicago. Dad was off running errands, playing on the computer and reading a book.

At sunset I walked down to the water to get a few shots of the sunset. Walking back I saw Dad out at the grill and sat outside with him while he cooked the chicken. It felt nice to be able to sit outside at 6:30pm. The chicken was delicious and it really felt like summer. We are settling in nicely to the Florida lifestyle. Of course, I have to head back in less than a week but I’m going to enjoy it while I’m here.

All photos taken with iPhone 3Gs.

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  1. Lol when I hear Publix, I think of Florida 🙂
    The pic of the manatee is surreal!
    Settling in sounds wonderful…enjoy! xo

  2. When I lived in Floruda I worked at the Publix bakery. I gained a few too many pounds down here.
    I thought if you when I saw the manatee 🙂

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