On the Road Again

Mom, Dad, and I packed our bags and were on the road Saturday morning at 6:13am. The first night we made it to Richmond, VA and stayed at the Clarion Inn. The hotel was rated three stars but none of us felt it deserved that many. The nicest thing about it was that attached to the motel was this 50s/60s dinner. The food was good but mostly it was just nice being able to walk back to the room instead of having to drive.

On Sunday, we made it to Brunswick, GA and stayed at the Quality Inn. This was nicer than the Clarion. We ate at the Millhouse Steak House which was pretty good, but not as good as the Outback (where we typically eat one of the nights). We made it to Brunswick early so we had a little time to sightsee. We drove down to the historic district and walked around the marina. Had a lovely sunset that night.

Yesterday around 1pm we arrived in Florida! After unpacking we made our ritual trip to Scooters for lunch. Mom and I got the Grouper Sandwich and Dad went with the chicken wings. Mom and I only finished half our meal and you can see Dad did a good job finishing all of his.

All photos taken with the iPhone 3Gs.

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  1. Ahhhh, the grouper sandwich!
    It’s always a bummer when a hotel/motel disappoints. Glad you’re there now safe and sound 🙂
    Thanks for the “real time” pics!

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