Snow Squirrel

The top shot is one of those shots where you think “man, I hope that one comes out.” As I was walking back to my apartment I heard a noise, looked up and saw this squirrel. I pointed the camera and snapped the image as quick as I could before he could run off. He did run to the other side of the tree but the image didn’t come out too bad although my focus is off. I wasn’t able to take the time to focus on the eyes so it looks as if his hands were the focal point on this one. I remained in my spot as quiet as I could be with the camera ready at my eye. Slowly he started poking his head out from behind the tree, then made his way to the ground wondering if I might have something to eat. I didn’t so he looked me over for a minute and then ran off. I just love the bushy tail!

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  1. These really capture the many faces of the squirrel! That first one is great, especially given the circumstances. I love it.

  2. Great series of this little guy. Your patience paid off with some cool shots.

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