Early Morning Snow

The nice thing about a snowstorm on a Sunday morning is that most people aren’t up yet. There’s such a wonderful feeling of tranquility when walking around in the early morning snow. Although, I wasn’t the first one up as you can see from these footprints.

As some of you found out yesterday, last month pixyBlog contacted me and asked if I would be interested in being the next featured photographer. I can’t even tell you how honored and flattered I was that they would choose me. Yesterday, the article went live. If you’d like to check it out you can click on the graphic at the bottom.

I want to thank Kit and Richard for the wonderful article and for exposing me to a larger audience- which under most circumstances would get you arrested but in this community it’s encouraged! Speaking of community, I want to thank all the photographers on pixyBlog (and those I’ve discovered by way of pixyBlog). I look at your incredible photos and I think, “I have so much more to learn” which inspires me to keep on learning. Of course if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my family and friends I don’t think I would have kept this up for so long. Anyway, not to milk this much longer but I am truly flattered that others have enjoyed my photography. It’s been such an enriching experience for me. If you’ve every thought of joining a photography blog come join us on Pixy!

PixyBlog Featured Photographer

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  1. Love the first shot.
    The second one is so interesting bc the footprints look like they weren’t made by one person…the shape of the prints seem to angle off in the wrong direction for that…

  2. Shirely, I also looked at the footprints and thought they looked funny. I think this person has two left feet!
    My footprints are the ones that intersect and go off the beaten path.

  3. These are great…snow is so peaceful and beautiful and you’ve done a great job capturing this. And a big congrats on being selected feature photographer! Excellent!

  4. I really like both shots. Morning is my favorite time to be out. Nice to be out before everyone else is. Congrats on being selected as the feature photographer!

  5. These images look like there from the movie Narnia (The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe) very cool!

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