Horse and Buggy Ice Sculpture

This past Saturday was Halifax’s Holidays in Halifax event. I picked Mom up and we went over for about an hour. Mostly, I just wanted to get a shot of the ice sculpture and listen to Chris and Karen play bells. We were lucky enough to get there at 5pm before too many people had gathered around the sculpture. Most years I’m there early so I can watch the men make the ice sculptures but this year I wasn’t up and out the door in time. It’s definitely worth going to see.

If you haven’t seen the past couple of year’s ice sculptures check out the Toy Land ice sculpture and the Horse Stall ice sculpture.

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  1. Beautiful! I want to see a pic of Chris & Karen playing bells! 🙂

  2. I don’t!

  3. Melissa, I didn’t take any photos of them playing bells this year. I may have a shot of Chris from a couple years ago. He probably doesn’t want me to show it because he does the “Grampa Lip” when he plays the bells. Lots of concentration on his part (it’s cute).

  4. How very cool (no pun intended!) and what a great night shot!

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