Hay Pile

If you saw yesterday’s image then you would know that this is what happens to Baley the Hay Man when he melts. Would he melt? Maybe when a hurricane hits.

I’m not exactly sure what this pile of hay is for. It was just sitting in an open field. Behind the hay is a corn maze. You can see some of the corn to the left and right of the hay. We didn’t go through the maze but just walked over to take a look. I think we use to bring the youth group kids to Davis’ Farmland in Sterling, MA. It was pretty difficult to find your way out but fun. Plympton has a corn maze but I’ve never checked it out. Maybe next year I’ll get some pictures of it.

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  1. Kind of like when a snowman melts. Looked at your previous image and what a wonderful and appealing composition of the hayman. Interesting shot of the aftermath.

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